The Company

About Us

Her Comfies is a loungewear company created to bring you premium loungewear in a range of choices for everyone.

The Company

Her Comfies is a loungewear company, focusing on how to bring you style and comfort in one place.

Specialising in premium loungewear, for all. Inclusivity at it’s finest. Loungewear is the clothing of the future, perfect for working from home, relaxing but versatile enough to ramp up the style for a brunch with the girls.

Her Comfies offer different options, sizes and materials, with the same end goal – comfort. Her Comfies was established to offer a variety of loungewear styles, world wide.

Our Mission

Our mission at Her Comfies is to add to make you feel just that, comfy. But also, confident, sexy, stylish and most of all helping you feel the best version of you. We know that we all have days where we want to lounge around and we provide the perfect options of loungewear for just that. We also know that so many of us, love a bit of glam when out socialising but, comfort is key. And so our mission is to combine the two, comfort and style and we are sure that with our loungewear sets, we can provide you with just that.

Our Vision

Our vision is to extend the traditional loungewear concept, and show you how loungewear is not just for in the home. Loungewear is more than just, ‘similar to pyjama’s’, loungewear is about feeling comfortable but chic and having the confidence to dazzle in the streets. Our vision is to help you visualise how versatile loungewear can be, with all our different styles and fabrics.